Lombok was hit by several earthquakes in august.

Most areas in the north and east of Lombok are completely destroyed. In villages only several walls are standing. Power is not available. Water wells are collapsed and drinking water is scarsely available only in the south side of the island.

Since the big 7.0SR earthquake on august 5th, all operations of LAC are stopped. Our team members that are in good health are currently working together with the Impian Anak foundation from The Netherlands to provide food, water and shelter for the people that don't have a place to go.

The first night we started searching for survivors in the debris.

The second day after the earthquake we were the first team to arrive to several small villages in the north of Lombok. We have brought several full vans of supplies. Today afterschocks happened every few hours op to 5.0 strength.

After more strong aftershocks, we kept on bringing several vans even further north, and bought a total of 350 crates of water to supply to villages in the next few days. In the villages and on the way sadly any government help was not to be found.

After 2 weeks of smaller aftershocks the north-east part of lombok was hit by several large quakes again up to 7.0SR

after this earthquake we try to get any help needed to the poorer north-east part of Lombok, as the north-west slowly started to get some government and more international help.

The next days we will keep bringing food and water to remote areas. Try to get more drinking water available in Lombok, even if we have to go to other islands of Indonesia to get it.

Any help is truly appreciated! If you can help here on Lombok yourself, on rebuiding, getting water or repairing the Lombok water factories, transportation, medical aid and so on... please feel free to contact us (phone/WA number below)!

More info and updates see: Impian Anak (Dutch), Impian Anak Facebook (mainly Dutch), LAC Facebook, Jay Rinjani Facebook (most pictures and reports are on this page)

Donations from Europe (IBAN) or through PayPal can be done via Impian Anak foundation

International donations:
Account holder name: L.M. Jay R
Account holder address: JL. Raya Senggigi km 08. Dsn Loco Bumi Aditya Hotel
Account holder ZIP: 83355
Account holder city: Senggigi
Account holder province, country: Lombok, Indonesia
Account number: 0452652600
Bank name: BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia)
Bank adress: BNI Branch office JL. Raya Senggigi, JL. Raya Senggigi Km. 08
Bank ZIP: 83355
Bank city: Senggigi
Bank province, country: Lombok, Indonesia
Bank SWIFT code: BNINIDJAMTA (The BNI correspondent is the CITIBANK)

Thank you so much for your help! We will keep helping Lombok as long as we can!

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